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Logistics warehouse fire did not burn the appliance

Date:2014-10-18 09:04

Fire logistics company was filled with burned appliances, some tin roof also collapsed down .
    Time: 5 o'clock yesterday morning
Location: Ronggui Xijiao
Foshan Daily News reporter Zhang Shaopeng photo coverage : 5 o'clock yesterday morning , Ronggui Xijiao a logistics warehouse fire, the fire burned for more than one hour after the fight , no casualties .
Fire warehouse belonging to Kai big logistics companies, 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon , the fire had been extinguished , cordoned off around the warehouse , surrounded by plastic filled with the pungent smell . Inside the warehouse , burned brown , black appliances piled together all kinds , some tin roof also collapsed down, the pressure in the two burned truck .
Galanz the 7th dormitory warehouse tens of meters away from the fire , lived in the dormitory one employee said : " 5:30 , when I ran out and saw the entire warehouse are fire to burn, and the crackling sound like a firecracker , flames several meters high . "
According to the workers introduced after the incident five fire engines arrived at the scene rescue , about 6:30 or so , the warehouse has been visible above the fire, smoke continued until 7:00 or so dispersed.
Logistics company's employees sitting factory gate , an employee told reporters that the company is close to several major electrical manufacturers and distribution logistics, warehouse appliances and a few paint stores , there is no flammable items , she suspected electrical short circuit caused a fire . But the reporter observed that , in addition, this iron roof structures made by the logistics company , there are many fire hazards. It is located on the 7th Glanz factories and dormitories in the middle of the open place , not far from a gas station , next to the railway shed and a snack stall, a factory worker sigh, " but fortunately did not burn petrol stations go there ."
Reporters learned that, because of the logistics company bought full insurance , burned original goods will lose to the customer. Yesterday , the company also immediately arranged for a temporary storage point for temporary storage of new goods .
According RONGGUI Office informed that the fire occurred at 5 pm, burned area over 400 square meters , no casualties , economic losses and cause of the fire pending further investigation.

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