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Logistics park development plan introduced to boost the logistics sector

Date:2014-10-18 09:44

" " National Logistics Park Development Plan , "the introduction , the development of the logistics industry will play a catalytic role in the short term " plan " may not significantly boost the role of the logistics sector , with the" planning " the gradual implementation of the relevant sector and industry will thus leading enterprises inside directly benefit . " recently, relevant industry analyst at China Merchants Securities to accept the" securities Daily " interview on the " Plan "introduced affirmed.

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the " National Logistics Park Development Plan ." "Plan" put forward the target display , to 2015 , China will initially build a number of reasonable layout, operating norms , has a certain economic and social benefits of the demonstration zone ; to 2020 , will be the basic form layout is reasonable, appropriate scale, fully functional, green efficient logistics parks nationwide network system .

In addition, the "planning" also suggested that the whole, China's logistics industry is still relatively low level of development , logistics parks in the planning , construction, operation, management and policy , there are still some problems. Such as construction and development to be standardized , facilities to be improved , the service function is to be improved, the management system to be sound policy support system to be improved and other issues.

In this regard, the analyst pointed out that the development of China's logistics industry is not very big , "planning" will integrate industry scale , and promote related enterprises , promote the overall development of the logistics industry will play a meaningful role in promoting, but also need to have concrete measures to assist the "planning" as the impetus . From the current perspective of the development of China's logistics industry , industry, large enterprises will be due to " planning " the introduction of further access to new development opportunities . Meanwhile, in the logistics park construction, iron and steel, cement and other raw materials industry will also benefit from this , in addition, for the logistics industry infrastructure and equipment manufacturing companies , development companies will usher in a new development opportunity.

Data show that the first half of this year , the national social logistics amounted to 93.1 trillion yuan , an increase of 9.1 % growth over the same period last year dropped 0.9 percentage points ; logistics industry was 1.8 trillion yuan , an increase of 7.4% compared to last year earlier, down 2.9 percentage points ; logistics costs of 4.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.0 % over the same period last year dropped 2.8 percentage points. In entering the third quarter , the logistics industry presents business recovery , structural adjustment , service transformation , model innovation a good situation.

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